Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sewed a couple of pouches over the weekend. I made the red one first and ended up spending the whole day hunched over a very messy table cursing, trying to figure out how to sew on the zipper and lining. I know. I could've spared myself the grief if I had gone online and searched for a tutorial but I think I secretly enjoy the pain of figuring things out myself. It didn't turn out too bad I guess.

I drew directly onto the fabric freehand with my new Stained Sharpie Fabric Marker and Zig Fabricolor Twin. The markers needed a bit of getting used to and I tested them on a number of different material to see which bleeds the least. I'm not sure what material I used for this pouch but it worked all right. After drawing I then ironed it to set the ink.


I really like the contrast of the the two colours.

The next day I of course went online. Haha. And I found this relatively simple tutorial on youtube
I cut up the fabric, placed it on top of the sketch below and traced with a pencil. I then retraced using the markers. It's a nerve wracking process because the slightest hesitation creates blobs of ink. 

 I think the fabric is a mix of cotton and linen. I'm not sure but I love the texture it creates with the markers.

Might try fabric paint next :)


  1. Great work! And very inspiring! I must try it too :-)

  2. I have to buy some fabric markers first, so it may take time ;-)