Saturday, July 13, 2013

For my Dad

Made this pouch for my dad with more potato printing and doodling by the toddler.

Pouch #25

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chinese painting watercolour

 I was introduced to Chinese painting watercolour by a friend of mine many years ago. After abandoning it for acrylic and regular watercolour, I bought a set of Marie's Original Chinese Painting Watercolour a few months ago and left it on the shelf. It sat there staring at me until finally, I took it down and used it for this piece. The paint is creamy and the colours are rich with a slight "aged" feel to it that I like. My D & R watercolour set is in the picture too but I didn't use it much.

The toddler got her hands on my brush and added some... blue... streaks. Waaa!

I almost wanted to start on another piece from scratch but I ploughed ahead and it went quite well I think :)

 The great thing about Chinese painting watercolour is that you can still dilute and mix it even after it has dried up on the paper unlike regular watercolour stains which can be a bit stubborn. But since I liked the texture of the blue streaks I decided to leave some in. 

Oi! #5