Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pouch Bug

I think I've caught the Pouch Bug. Bought a bunch of new Stained by Sharpie Fabric Markers at CZipLee in Bangsar and went right to work on another one. 

First I tested the markers and doodled on some scraps. The Man really liked the colours and the raw quality of the drawings so I decided to use them. Here's a glimpse of a pouch in the making...

If you have read my post on my first quilt you will know I sew everything by hand. I don't have a sewing machine. I don't even know how to use one! But it's there on my list of Things I Want to Learn along with Photoshop, taking better pictures, silkscreen printing, stamp carving, ... :)


  1. As you can see, I've got a lot of time today, so I can comment everything I wanted to ;)
    Your list of things to learn is similar to mine!! But I've got a sewing machine already and I'm trying to sew simple projects. It's not hard, really. But I just must have those fabric markers. I'm trying to stamp fabrics with stamps and fabric paints, but markers are more precise. I must look for them when I'm back from my holidays :) Are they permanent enough to wash them in washing machine?

  2. Thanks for all the comments! Very encouraging. Yes, so mant things to learn and so little time in the day. You can also try this method of screen printing using contact paper. Seems pretty simple. I know I will soon -

    I've also washed the pouch and all is well :) Check out my post here -