Monday, January 30, 2012


Sweetie #1 made this in art class. Gorgeous design and colours! Love the textures.

Houses #4

I tend to pile on the colours so I had to keep reminding myself not to this time. I'm not quite sure if I like the amount of white space but this is done... for now :)


Putting the baby quilt to good use. Learnt a lot from this tutorial on youtube. You can check out part 2, part 3 and part 4 and make your own baby quilt from scratch. I thought it would be easier to do a free form pattern but, boy, was I wrong. Plus, I couldn't figure out how to do the binding but I'm fine with the way it turned out and Sweetie #2 has no complaints :)

Scraps ... houses #3

There goes my limited colour palette. Now what shall I do with these? Hmmmm...


Made this before taking on the baby quilt. It was so much harder than I thought. The fabric kept fraying and it was tough keeping the houses and feathers in place.

Houses #2 completed

Quite like the darker tone. And I like the white border round the houses. It's something I used to do when I was into painting many many moons ago. For my next one I have decided to experiment with a limited palette. Will post a photo soon.

old sketchbook

My 12 year old sketchbook. It's been too long. As you can see from the second picture I had no idea what I was doing. The spine is a mess but the book held up and did its job. Made 2 new ones recently but I still have no idea what I am doing. Found some really good tutorials online such as this one here but am not very good at following instructions no matter how simple. Can't wait to join one of Little Syam's workshops someday.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Houses #2

Another new painting. Trying out some darker tones with this one and keeping a white border around the houses.

My very 1st quilt

Made a baby quilt blanket  from an old bedsheet and pillow case for Sweetie #2. Thought I'd start with something small but it still took me a couple of months to finish. I guess with a new baby everything takes way longer. Plus, I don't have a sewing machine. That's Sweetie #1's hand in the picture swinging a candy thingy in an attempt to distract me.

With our hot weather all year round there was no point in making it any thicker so I used my dad's old sarong for the other side and sewed running stitch along the edge and along the white panels to add some accents.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Me and my girl

Mine's on top done 10 years ago! The one at the bottom was done by Sweetie #1 when she was 4. It's one of my favourites - a family picking apples off a tree. I think it's us.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Almost went nuts at Book Xcess. So many books, so little cash. Whittled down to either this or something for Sweetie #1.

Get it, Ibu, since we both like it - Sweetie #1. 

Problem solved.
A beautiful kid. A beautiful book. Got them both.

Another one

Accidentally left this out. Another beautiful photo taken by Sweetie #1 on her walk with my dad.

Been wanting this...

Mom and Sweetie # 1 got this for me on their trip to Italy recently. So, so happy! Thanks :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It took a while. My hands aren't as steady anymore but it's finally done!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Painting again...

Been working on this for some time now. Can't seem to find the time to finish it but I will!

My daughter's photography

My mom, dad and brother chipped in to get Sweetie #1 a camera for her birthday this last year. Here are some photos she took on her walk at the park with my dad. I think she has a keen eye for taking pictures. Way better than any of us for sure. And she's only 10!!