Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Matic Bazaar

Our area has been part of the water rationing exercise since March. How this works is - we only get water every two days which means we don't get water the following two days after that which means no silkscreen printing for a while :(

On the bright side it has been raining almost every evening for the past couple of weeks starting with the few days before the weekend me and my regular bazaar buddies, Lynn and Luukaleather, participated in the 360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur at Lanai Matic. The weather was wonderful - cool with overcast sky. No hot sun beating down on us. In the evening it got a bit wet but luckily it wasn't a full on downpour!

My batik bags in new colours.

My pouches.

The Tween painted the pretty display labels. She has way better colour sense than me! 

And of course, adorable handmade sock pets, foldable clutches by Lynn and leather accessories by Luukaleather.

Thanks J, L and S for helping us immeasurably with the booth!
Terima kasih also to the wonderful 5 gadis next to us for babysitting the Toddler the whole day! 

And a Special Thank You to all who came by to support handmade. May we meet again!

I guess you could say I had a great time :)