Sunday, June 30, 2013

My very first doll


I drew her head, arms and body separately on a piece of calico fabric using my Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers. Then I stuffed her with some synthetic pillow filling and sewed her up. Her head unfortunately won't sit on her shoulders. It just flops to the back. Eeep!

She is wearing a longer version of the kebaya called kebaya labuh. Kebayas are usually adorned with elaborate brocade or embroidery but I was impatient to see how she would turn out so I didn't bother adding much detail to her clothes.

Here she is wearing a selendang or long scarf / shawl on her head. The lace is leftover from my very first bag. It's way long and big because I didn't want to cut what precious little I have left :) 

And here she is wearing the selendang over her shoulder typical of ladies attending weddings.

Oh. BTW The tween thinks she's creepier than Pouch #24! Haha!

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