Saturday, June 29, 2013

My first reversible bag!

Here it is - a reversible bag I made from the batik I bought. The dark blue side is Italian cotton I found at the same shop. I have yet to sew the bottom though :)

I used the stiffest fusible interfacing I could find and used it on the batik and straps. It keeps the bag in shape. But I think the thinner interfacing I've been using for the pouches would work better although none is fine too.

When I made my very first bag, I didn't think to look up any tutorials online so it was a long process of sewing, resewing and figuring out how to put it together. 

This time I searched for a tutorial and found this fairly simple one . I'm not very good with instructions so there was still a bit of figuring out to do but it definitely helped :)


  1. I hate instructions...
    therefore usually my sewing does not comes out.
    But you did it and the bag is great :) congratulations ;)