Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Batik Sarong Terengganu

Some exciting news! Timitimitonga has partnered with Batik Sarong Terengganu, a research project aimed at compiling a comprehensive database on the origins and history of the Terengganu Batik. 

 Ever since I started making bags out of batik I have been wanting to know more about the makings of a batik piece and the journey it has made to becoming part of our cultural heritage. So, I was really excited when my friend Erna Dyanty who is the Assistant Researcher of this project invited me to join them. If all goes well we will be going to Terengganu to visit the makers and get an in depth understanding of the designing and printing process of the Terengganu Batik. Hopefully with a little more luck I will get to pitch in my ideas for a Batik line specially made for the limited edition Timitimitonga bags I will be making for the backers. And that could mean you!

With your contribution you will be able to help get this project off the ground and receive Batik Sarong Terengganu Project postcards, original Terengganu batik, limited edition Timitimitonga tote bags made with original batik sarong from Terengganu or a combination of all. You could also just spread the word :) Every little bit helps. Check out the links for more info. 

P/S : The batik in the photo is for scale reference only. It is not an original Batik Sarong Terengganu

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