Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kampung - Part 2

This wooden staircase was originally part of a lower landing adjacent to the landing you see in the picture. My grandma's room used to be there but over the years she spent more time downstairs and so it made more sense to make do without it. Later, my uncle did some renovations and had the lower landing taken down all together. It's a good thing too. Now there's more space downstairs for everyone to get together. And without the lower landing the ceilings are higher so it's also cooler. 

I love it that my uncle decided to reuse the wooden staircase. It's in excellent shape. But it wasn't easy for my grandparents and now my dad, aunts and uncles to make their way up and down those steep steps. So, many years ago a couple of beds were installed behind that staircase under the landing and two additional bedrooms were built near the kitchen. 

Here's the upper landing with thick quilts spread out and pillows and blankets neatly arranged for my cousins and their families coming home for Eid al-Fitr.

When we were kids we would hang out here and watch tv. Now the tv has been brought downstairs so there's no excuse to not socialize with everyone else. Before we even had any tv, we would walk to the neighbour's house to watch theirs. There were only two channels back then but that was good enough for us as long as we got to watch Harold Lloyd in black and white nevertheless :)

That door leads to my dad's bedroom. 

My two kids looking out the window of my dad's bedroom which has also been prepped and readied for our relatives to spend the night in.

Beautiful rusted iron detail.

Above the door leading out to the verandah - prayers asking for protection :)

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