Friday, March 29, 2013

Testing 1,2,3

I've come across numerous stenciling projects on the world wide web and I've always wanted to try but I've been too engrossed with pouch making. My new book Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt stoked the fire so today I took out the plastic sheet I found some time back and cut up simple building shapes with a blade. I then used an old, frayed flat brush to dab on acrylic paint. 

I forgot you can't cut all around the building or the whole thing comes off and you'll be left with either a block with no windows or just squares and rectangles floating. If you noticed, I had to put a little bit of tape at the top of the first building. So, with that in mind I left some parts attached. I like that the lines break up and are not continuous and I love the rough look. However, a little less smudging would've been better.

Soon I will be testing this on some pouches. Fingers crossed! :)

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