Monday, January 14, 2013

New old sewing machine

My mother has been wanting to get rid of her old sewing machine for a long time now. It gives her a headache to see it collecting dust. Now that I have some idea how to use one, I sent it for repairs and got it back today! As good as old :)

Check out all the knobs and stuff.

And here's the pedal.

Ain't it gorgeous!

After using the industrial sewing machine over at the Foundation, this feels more like a toy. It even sounds like one! But I am so happy it works. All I need to do is forget about the zig zag option, ignore  "darn" knob and use it only for straight stitches. Hahaha!

 It's not very stable sitting like that but the actual sewing machine table is too heavy to transport from my mom's house over to our place. Will need to enlist some help soon. Meanwhile I'm going to get to know my new old sewing machine :) 

Apparently my mom can't remember if she got the sewing machine before or after I was born. That would make it about 4 decades old. And it still works! Wow!

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